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Center for Research on Ingredient Safety

Communication: CRIS Strategic Plan

Communication: CRIS Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority B:

Build Adaptive Communication Capability

Strategic Priority B recognizes that CRIS’s communications effectiveness requires rapid, effective response to ingredient safety issues as they emerge. It emphasizes building the capability of CRIS to monitor those issues as they emerge and respond with strategic communication. It stresses building the relationships, networks and platforms necessary to support CRIS’s responsive strategic communication.

Objective B-1 focuses on establishing and implementing the capability necessary to quickly identify and prioritize communications issues as they surface.  It stresses using strategic, responsive communication to quickly address ingredient safety issues as soon as possible after they emerge.

Objective B-2 recognizes that CRIS’s needs to have communications relationships/partnerships “at the ready” to respond strategically to ingredient safety issues as they surface. It focuses on building those relationships proactively as an essential element in developing CRIS’s adaptive communications capability.

Objective B-3 emphasizes building a media network as a core CRIS capability that is essential to its communication effectiveness. It focuses on ensuring CRIS has the ability to engage its media network to respond quickly and effectively to ingredient safety issues as they emerge.

Objective B-4 recognizes the unique challenges of reaching non-scientific audiences with scientific messages that are meaningful and impactful. It focuses on implementing effective safety communications with those audiences on a timely, responsive basis.


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