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Center for Research on Ingredient Safety

Mission, Vision and Core Values of CRIS

An organization’s mission is a concise statement of why it exists, its reason for being. It is an enduring statement that usually remains the same for many years – providing long-term direction and continuity for the organization. The mission of CRIS follows.

Conduct research and provide insight on the safety of ingredients in food and consumer products to support evidence-informed decisions by consumers, industry leaders and policy makers.

Vision articulates the long-term outcome or end-state that the organization will make a definitive contribution to achieving. The vision of CRIS follows.

Credible, relevant information on ingredient safety is accessible to a wide range of decision makers.

An organization’s core values describe its modus operandi, its way of doing things. Core values guide the organization’s policies, practices and procedures. They shape the behavior of the people in the organization. The core values of CRIS follow.


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