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Center for Research on Ingredient Safety

Research at CRIS

The Mission of CRIS (e.g., Why CRIS exists) is to “Conduct research and provide insight on the safety of ingredients in food and consumer products to support evidence-informed decisions by consumers, industry, and policy makers.”

MSU established CRIS to serve as a hub for objective science that adds rigor and data to the highly visible discourse on ingredient safety through the following areas of engagement:

As such, CRIS will serve as a reliable and unbiased source for information, research, and analysis on the safe use of chemical ingredients. As indicated in the first link to the left, a critical Strategic Priority for CRIS is to “Develop and Implement a Focused Research Agenda.”  The Emerging Issues Committee (EIC) will serve as CRIS’s scientific steering committee, and will set and prioritize short-term and long-term strategic and scientific objectives of importance in food and packaged goods ingredient safety. Actions taken by the EIC have enabled the following target areas to be identified (visit the links to learn more about each activity):


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Save The Date! The 2017 CRIS Annual Meeting will be held at ASU’s Phoenix campus on October 4 – 5, 2017. Please contact Adelle Simmons at for more details.